Things to know when your candy arrives:

Follow these rules and you will have a pleasurable experience eating Lerro's candy.

Things to know about ordering:

All our candy is made to order. We are set up to make small batches and when we have orders for a batch we produce that piece of candy. Since we produce many types of candy, it may take a few days to make an assortment. At the holidays we anticipate through experience our needs and produce extra. If by chance we overproduce then we offer our customers who purchased our candy in the past a chance to buy the overstock at a special price.

You, our customer, can order our regular packages with our shopping cart. We will also pack a box with any kind of candy you like. This is what we call our "CUSTOMER PACK". The CUSTOMER PACK can include any type of candy on our list. For example, you can place an order like this: 1 pound box milk chocolate caramels and dark chocolate raspberry jellies. Another example: 2 pound box milk chocolate almond bark and milk chocolate cashew patties. A "CUSTOMER PACK" request MUST be sent via email. We will email an invoice to you that can be paid with a credit card or PayPal.

Please note when you pay with your credit card, we only receive a confirmation number from PayPal We don't see any personal financial information. We will have your shipping information and your email address so we can process your order.